Vietnam - a highlight for provision of outsourcing services


Vietnam, in recent years, has been emerging as a potential market for outsourcing. Especially in the fields of softwares, IT, graphic design. Besides, companies offering other services such as administrative support, payroll, translations, trading promotion, call center, virtual assistants, etc. have also arrived diversifying outsourcing services. The outsourcing service agencies not only provide services to domestic companies but also do off-shore services for foreign countries.


Who use the services?


In addition to large companies or corporations outsourcing a part of their services or products as they have ever done from before, there is an increasing number of startups selecting outsourcing solutions to save costs. Startup is becoming trending in the world as well as in Vietnam. What is interesting is that not only the domestic startups but foreign startups also choose Vietnam as an attractive outsourcing market, especially when they have intention to relocate in Vietnam. With the limitation of budget as well as knowledge of local society for starting a business, the choice of outsourcing is a wise choice for start-up companies. The local outsourcing agencies will help them to do initial researchs on Vietnam maket which help them much in business planning. The local service providers also assist them effectively in the period of incorporation as well as during stage becoming familiar with local practices, culture, people or local government policies on tax, labour, etc.


Besides companies, many individuals also look at Vietnam outsourcing market when they need help in searching information, contacting with local customers or just simply arrange a trip for them in Vietnam.


Why Vietnam?


The key strengths that distinct Vietnam with other outsourcing markets in the region are:

  • The economy is well growth
  • Society is stable
  • Labor force is young with qualified skills. The number of young workers being able to communicate fluently in English is increasing.
  • Labor costs are significantly low in comparision with the region.
  • It is an important gateway for foreign companies to access to the markets in the region such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, etc.

Benefits of outsourcing


Outsourcing brings many benefits to businesses, some of which include:


- Saving costs, including labour costs and equipment costs. The outsourcing fees are usually lower than the cost of building an apparatus to work in the enterprise because except the placement fees and wages, the employer have to pay other costs for employees such as personal income tax, social insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, ... Besides, to maintain a full in-house team, the company must have an adequate office space, working equipment (such as computers, fax machine, telephone, ...), stationery, beverages, etc.


- Making sure the work is always operational. Employees are entitled to vacation, holidays, sick leave, while businesses need to ensure workloads are connected. Parties receive outsourcing services ensure work operated from time to time.


- Ensuring quality of work. As the services are main business activity, the outsourcing service providers will concentrate resources to provide services in a professional manner, so that the quality of work will be ensured.


- Saving time, improving business performance. It is important that businesses can save a lot of time to focus on the core business activities of enterprises when they use outsourcing agencies.

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