SEO And Translation - The Perfect Combination


When I say we, professional translators, are living in a prosperous era of your career, you probably think I'm down under pressure. While what we know now is the globalization of the translation market and translations with many inexpensive, poorly qualified translators from developing countries, including ours in Vietnam, Remedy the sloppy remedy by getting a fair amount of coins in exchange for money, and the machines are gradually being programmed to get closer to the translator's work. So how can I say that this is the Golden Age of translation?




Simply put, SEO is our fishing rod.


SEO means "search engine optimization system" and if you do in the field of translation, no doubt you've ever encountered this term before. In short, it makes a high quality translation on the Google search engine, because of the technical term people learn about your work when searching for it. So if you are an interpreter, you will want to find translator job by searching for keywords: "translation jobs, good translators, translation companies or translation companies" to find the right Our industry is working, and our job is to put the phrases you want to find on the top, and you'll write a PR article on how to get people searching online to find the right translator they need. .


Multi-language search engine optimization


So far, things are simple - but the motivating factor for translators everywhere is the fact that today, any company, even a large global company, needs to exert effort. Power in multi-lingual search engine optimization for the global economy.


And that means that all of these high quality translations, from articles on websites to mass media, must be translated in the target language. This is a boom time for two groups of experts: the writer + the translator. The writer has the task of using original content to attract viewers, and we - the professional translator - are responsible for making that content useful in the market that the industry is targeting.

Just developed


Multi-language search engine optimization has become more and more popular in many parts of the world, appearing online, joining the Internet era. This is going on for several decades: The United States has been leading the internet in the past, and today the world is constantly overwhelmed, so long as the United States holds control of the key technology operating the Internet. Is also debating.


The ever-increasing percentage of countries exploiting the benefits of the Internet continue to increase the importance of the translation of the search engine optimization system. And the continuity of this system is creating a stable demand for translation companies like freelance translators. An article posted on a single website only captures the viewer for a time - when it is thought to be outdated, it no longer has access.

As a result, there will be a growing need not only for new content to continue to show up in Serps search results, but also for new translations to be displayed on multilingual systems. That is the Golden Age of translation.

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