Qualities a Great Virtual Assistant needs

Quality of VA

Being a Virtual Assistant (VA), you definitely possess some standard skills to satisfy requirements of clients. But to be a great Virtual Assistant, whom every client looks for, you must possess the following qualities at least:  


1. Communication skills: communication, interpersonal relationship and listening skills are possibly among the top desired qualities. Great VAs are masters of communication with strong speaking and writing skills. The communication skills help a VA understand or grasp the intention/requirements of clients at once, which is the key point. There are various clients with different characteristics and different requirements, so the VA must be able to listen, understand and react appropriately.                         

2. Organizational Skills: If the communication skills help the VA grasp the client’s requirement, understand what need to be done, the organizational skills will help the VA plan how to do and fulfill the demand. As a VA, you may provide services to many customers at the same time. So you need to set up working plans, schedules, deadlines, etc. for every single customer and you must be always able to manage and control them. If you do not know how to prioritize works and keep track of everything that needs to be done, something may slip through the cracks, causing more severe situations.


3. Reliability: More or less, a great VA must be a reliable one. A great VA is the one whom Client can trust about the capacity to handle the issues or the assignment. A VA needs to be resourceful, must know when to take appropriate action and take all alternatives to fulfill the assignment as scheduled.


4. Confidentiality: This skill is somehow related to the reliability. This is actually a commitment that the VA has to make when providing services to clients, especially for the VA working as a freelancer. Depending on the assignment given by client, to some extent, a VA may be privy to information related to business of client. A great VA knows not to disclose this information. This is one of the professional ethics that a VA must possess.


5.Time management skills: right up there with organizational skills, time management is crucial for a virtual assistant. As mentioned above, a VA may serve many customers at the same time, so excellent time management skills are really necessary. Prioritization and the ability to work through distractions help you focused and you know when to move from one task to the next. On top of these, you must be conscientious of the deadlines for output submission to clients.


6. Customer or Client Service Orientation: Customer service orientation is a desirable quality in nearly every profession. However, it is extremely important for VAs when they are self-employed. VAs will directly deal and work with customers. Failing to satisfy the customers means that they lose customers. To possess this quality, among many values a VA needs to focus on quality of work which is the core value. Any added values that a VA can provide to customers will be always appreciated but essentially the VA must handle all requirements of the client with no exceptions.

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