Our first assignment in Contract Administration and Reconciliation Work


We started working as an outsourcing agency for contract administration after our team got involved in a big project (around AUD 3 billion) for an Australian firm. 


What they were doing at that time were to fabricate and assemble huge modules which they called PAM or Super-PAM (Pre-assembled module). After being assembled in Vietnam, the PAMs were shipped to Australia for incorporation into a refinery factory.


There were many suppliers and contractors for the Project, then, off course, there were a lot of works related to contracts to be done. We were in charge of contract administration works in Vietnam for Vietnam office. What we had to do were to monitor execution of the contracts. We liaised with the local Contractors/Suppliers from time to time to arrange contract appendixes (if any), to arrange meetings or simply to convey instant messages from our foreign managers. We checked every single invoices and supporting documents submitted from Contractors/Suppliers which mainly related to manpower supply and materials supply. We really checked every bolt & nut (in both literal meaning and figurative meaning). We found interesting in the detailed works and we improved our skills in using Microsoft office every day, especially Excel. When the works in Vietnam became less, we assisted Australian office in handling reconciliation work. We found ourselves helpful when we could support the main office in checking and settlement of a considerable volume of timesheets and claims from Contractors/Suppliers. We were really happy when we finished assignments.


Many years have passed since that Project, however, what we gained from it we still maintain and develop day by day. We feel grateful and lucky when we got chances to work with a big professional organization, which places a firm foundation for our growth and success nowadays.


We are here to assist you in any reconciliation work or contract administration. If you have any as such requirement, just drop va-vietnam a message.

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