Is translation an easy job?


Being good at a foreign language does not mean that you will become an interpreter or translator for that foreign language. Translation is generally a job that requires a non-native speaker to have knowledge, understanding of the field and translation skills.

Translation skills involve the processing and transmission of messages from the speaker to the listener or from the source into the clear, coherent, fluid and complete text. The translator must grasp the exact meaning of the original language and be able to express in a clear, concise way. Particularly for translation work, translation skills are a combination of factors such as public speaking ability, focus, memorization, shorthand, ability to cope with Surprise situations, professionalism from work attitude to appearance, ... You need to experience, learn and train non-stop if you want to have a good translation skills.

To say that, to a certain extent, translation work is a stressful job when you have to capture the right person by the right word, to deliver the message right in a very short amount of time, especially for With cabin work, you hardly have time to consider or think.

There is no denying the important role of the interpreter, the success of a negotiation or any part of the translation. Accurate translation of the content is the first requirement that an interpreter can guarantee. However, that does not mean that interpreters translate mechanically, but sometimes the interpreter also acts as a link, content orientation, and relief. This only helps the parties have a negotiation, exchange of wisdom, friendly and fun.

Unlike other translators, the work of translators is not subject to such pressures, but they also get a lot of support from science and technology as more and more translation software is released. However, this is also a double-edged sword if the translator does not have sufficient skills as well as alertness, the use of this software will cause them to hardening in the use of language not to mention the Destroying the profession due to wrong translation software.

Like many other occupations, translation requires a professional translator to have a professional conscience. Professional career will help translators do not misrepresent the translation content, ensure the content transmission needs to be translated in the most complete, most thoughtful.

Someone says the translation is simply moving from one language to another, but who can do it and do it just fine?

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