Input work


You can be a student or maybe a housewife, unemployed or retired person who is looking for a job that can help you earn an extra income. If so then the input job can be a best choice for you as long as you have a computer and you use it.

Data entry work does not require too much age or expertise. If you are looking for a job that does not require too much skill, becoming a data entry employee is a good option for you.

There are many different online and offline input jobs that you can choose to suit your ability and time. Depending on the needs of the companies or individuals employed, the usual input work consists of the following types:

1. Typing

You will be asked to type text or text in MS word or Notepad. This job is quite simple. You just need to be able to type fast. The required speed is usually 30 words per minute. You will be provided with documents in the form of images, scans or pdfs, and convert them into text files in word or excel or notepad.

2. Fill out the online survey form

Filling out online surveys is one of the online jobs people choose to earn extra income. All top companies want to know the customer feedback before they launch or upgrade any new products. So they contact the market research firm that has the facility. Big customer data to conduct customer survey survey help them. You can provide feedback to them through participating in online surveys at these market research companies. You will be paid for surveys that you complete.

3. Enter Captcha

A captcha is an image that contains a confirmation code that identifies an object being accessed as a person or machine. A very effective tool in blocking the act of setting up forum accounts, websites, e-mail bulk through automated programs. To overcome this barrier, some companies or individuals are required to hire a captcha user to confirm account creation, speeding up the batch registration process. With job characteristics, ask people to do this work with fast typing speed, time online much. You will be paid according to the number of captcha you type.

4. Fill out the forms

You will be provided with online forms and data. Your job is to check and fill the data correctly into the form. In addition to typing skills you need a bit of reading comprehension because you will select the appropriate data to fill in the form.

 5. Transfer images to text

 Here, you have to convert an image file into a word or excel file. This is the kind of input most commonly used.

6. Re-format and edit text

You may be asked to reformat a document or fix errors such as grammar and spelling errors. For this job you need skills in using MS office, good writing skills and language proficiency.

7. Data format


Data format is as simple as filling out the form. You must format the data in a specified manner. You may have to arrange different paragraphs to the left or right.

8. Convert audio file (audio) into text format


This is the kind of advanced input work. You must write the contents recorded in the audio file correctly. For this type of work, you need to have good listening skills and language skills.

9. Copying medical data


Copying medical data is one of the high-paying jobs among all online data entry jobs. You are required to transfer the data as image files into word or excel documents. The words you will write are words related to the medical field that you may have never encountered before. This is hard work and requires you to have certain skills and experience as you need to maintain 99.9% accuracy. Not many people are capable of doing this job well.

10. Update website


For those of you who have experienced web design or admin web this is a very simple thing. You will be required to update the images or descriptions, the news on the site. There may be websites introducing the company simply or buying websites. For shopping websites (e-commerce), your workload will be more and the frequency of the work will be more frequent.

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