7 Tips to Help You Learn the Foreign Language From TED Translators


Knowing more than one language is great for your brain. But what is the best way to learn? Open TED Volunteers share 7 tips.



1. Be realistic: Choose a simple goal, can be achieved to start, you will not feel overloaded. The German translator, Judith Matz, suggested: "Get 50 words of a language and start using them with someone - and then slowly start choosing grammar"


2. Make learning a language that changes your lifestyle: Elisabeth Buffard has taught English for 27 years. She said that consistency is what separates the most successful students from the rest. Find language routines that you can follow even if you are tired, sick or crazy in love.


3. Live in the language house: The more you welcome a foreign language into your daily life, the more your brain considers it worth remembering. Russian translator Olga Dmitrochenkova says, "Use every opportunity to come into contact with new languages. For example, you can label household objects in new languages, read children's books, or write TED- Ed.


Let technology help you: Dmitrochenkova has a great idea: "A funny thing like resetting the phone language can help you learn new words right away," she said. Ditto to change the language on your browser. Or you can look for more structured online learning opportunities. The Dutch translator Els De Keyser suggested Duolinguo to learn grammar and Anki to memorize vocabulary with smart flashcards.


Think of learning language as a door into new experiences. Spanish-language translator Sebastián Betti learned language as he approached new experiences such as "visiting amusement parks, enjoying cowboy rhymes and folk and technical festivals. Photography ". In other words, he thinks about the interesting things that he wants to do, and turns them into an opportunity to learn the language. A lot of our compilers share this advice. For example, Anna Minoli, compiled in Italian and French, learned English by watching the versions of her favorite movie, while compiling Croatian Ivan Stamenković, suddenly realized he could speak. English in the fifth grade, after years of watching Cartoon Network without subtitles. So next time if you need vegan carrot cake recipe, look in the language you are learning.


6. Make new friends: The new language tape interaction is the key - it will teach you to express your thoughts intuitively, instead of translating each sentence before speaking. Find a native speaker near you. Or search for a snow partner to practice together.


7. Do not worry about mistakes: One of the most common barriers when talking in a new language is fear of making mistakes. But natives are like your parents: Any effort from you to communicate in their language is objective evidence that you are a genius. They will appreciate your effort and even help you. Are you nervous when talking to an equal? Try to test your language skills with someone slightly smaller.

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