7 Methods to Help You Learn One Language In Only One Week


Do you really need to go to another country to learn the language? The twelve-language twins have taken on the challenges of learning a language in a week in Berlin, the city they live in. We can learn from their way.



What can happen in a week? If you spend seven days to reach a goal, ambitious, you can do it? These are the questions that twins Matthew and Michael Youlden set for themselves when they were determined to learn Turkish for a week. They try to liberate themselves from the distractions and responsibilities of modern life to cram the eight costs of learning into daily habits. Here are the seven things that I have learned by observing one of the most literate people in the world.


1. Define your goals


Lesson learned: Define your goal early and then draw a line toward success.

The twins put themselves the challenge of learning a language for a week to stretch themselves and then to answer the question of choosing the language to learn. Turkey has proven it a natural choice; There are about 300,000 Turkish-speaking people in the German capital and two Kreuzberg and Neukölln regions scattered decorating with signs of Turkey. Indeed the environment requires learning the first Turkish.


2. Make a note


Lesson learned: Label your surroundings with new language from the first moment. You will build and strengthen passive associations in your daily life.


The first step in learning the twins is to decorate the entire apartment by sticking notes. This is almost a rite for the twins to dig into the dictionary and proceed to label everything with the Turkish name that corresponds to it.


3. Find a companion


Lesson learned: There are several motivations versus pursuing goals alone. Whether you are motivated by competition or a sense of responsibility, only the presence of a companion in learning is likely to cause a pressure to keep you on track.


Matthew and Michael also decorate the rooms with notes, they also support each other by dividing the different topics for each person, so they become a source of knowledge for each other. The best moments are the weekend when they completely talk to each other in Turkish, ask each other whether they want tea or coffee, are ready to cook dinner or when they will have to leave home. tomorrow.


4. Prepare for a small motivation


Lesson learned: You need a landmark on the way to your goal. These milestones may include small challenges - interactive language with real life, for example - you have to prepare a vocabulary group to overcome them. The satisfaction that comes to them when completed will motivate you to a higher level than ever before.


Matthew and Michael have many challenges throughout the week. On the first day they were visited by a Turkish friend who welcomed them in Turkey and praised how they quickly chose words and phrases. Then they learned the names of the fruits and the numbers from 1 to 1 billion to learn can go to the Turkish market in Kreuzberg.


5. Eating language


Lesson learned: Find a way to tie everything you do is to learn. Immerse yourself in food, music and movies, so even during breaks, you can still focus on language and gain motivation to learn.


Two twin brothers have dozens of Turkish snacks. Like kids staring at cereal packets before school, nutrition information, promotions, and packaging contests are analyzed during the snack time. There is no complete removal of language learning during the eight hours that twins have allocated to it. Intensity can be reduced but it never dissipates completely.


6.Use what you already know


Lesson learned: Find fun in comparison between languages ​​you already know and new languages.

One of the most common phrases of twins is "ah, that's a bit like in ...?" They have continuously used their existing knowledge to support Turkey's growing knowledge.


7. Change is the spice of life


Lesson learned: So you've got your own learning path but remember to try new things: new language is like mother tongue, it has many sources.

The twins spent a lot of time indulging in books or on computers and applications, through eager exercises, but at other times they found their busy on Turkish radio stations. United, the Turkish football commentary on the website. There is no definitive way to learn a language, nor any tool or teacher that will help you fluently. Try new things every day: listen to a song, read a newspaper, find native friends through social networks. Spice up your language learning

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